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Plague Productions is a world-class experiential design and production company emphasizing on seasonal and immersive experiences.  Collaborating with our clients, our team of experts turn concepts into memorable attractions that thrill guests time and again.  Working for some of the most successful seasonal themed events in the world, Plague Productions distinguishes itself through our high standards in quality, professionalism, project impact and effective storytelling.

Specializing in turnkey attractions, technical design, concept development and production, our expertise ranges from smaller experiences to entire theme park events.  Plague Productions is ready to meet and turn your project into a sensational reality.

Well, after experiencing this year’s reconfigured mazes, I can definitely attest to the positive impact of the “Cooke factor.” With his design and construction outfit, Plague Productions, in tow, Jon Cooke has provided a layer of sophistication and sheen on top of the Dark Harbor set design, adding fabricated set pieces, improved lighting, additional integration of audio/visual effects, greater soundscape attention, and refined stories to the mazes at this year’s Dark Harbor.